Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you that Mother’s Day isn’t just about her; it’s about her mom, too.  Grandma is the best babysitter, the person mom calls for advice or a good vent session, and of course the one that started this wonderful chain reaction of life that resulted in the cutest grandchildren ever.  She’s also usually the best gift giver, so this Mother’s Day, get her something that will mean the world to her.  It will probably cost less than you think.

Here are three warm and fuzzy ideas that are sure to capture grandma’s heart.

Photo Books

There’s not a grandmother in this world that doesn’t love showing off pictures of her grandchildren.  Make it easier for her by gifting her a photo book full of pictures of the little ones with her, the kids reaching milestones, or just those adorable pics that are born out of everyday moments.   Right now is a great time to buy as many of the online sites that allow you to design-your-own have massive sales going on for the holidays.  For example, at MyPublisher you can currently get up to 65% off your photo book.

Family Tree or Birthstone Necklaces

Whether Grandma is or was a world renowned neuroscientist, or the world’s best stay-at-home mom, her greatest achievement is always her grandchildren.  Help her celebrate them daily with a birthstone necklace.  These necklaces have a pendant personalized with each grandchild’s birthstone, and some come with the option to engrave their names.

Family tree necklaces are much the same except there is a tree emblem in the middle of the necklace with the birthstones typically set in the outer leaves.  Both are beautiful options, and every one we’ve given has been worn on a daily basis.  It’s the gift that can’t go wrong.  Places like GetNameNecklace have them for 20% off to help you save on May 10th.

Make an Art Book

The ultimate exercise in frugality, art books are a great gift to bring some joy to grandma’s day and help you clean out your house.  All moms have it:  that drawer or cabinet full of artwork your kids made that you feel guilty throwing away.  You can’t hold onto it all forever, but you can’t bear to put any of their hard work in the trash.

Kill two birds with one stone by binding the art into an art book.  You can make it fancy, punching and rolling with a plastic binding at a place like FedEx.  You could use a hole punch and insert large, metal rings.  You could even go as simple as hole punching and binding it together with yarn.  The binding won’t be as important as the content, which is her grandchild’s imagination and creativity manifested in art.  Have your child make a mother’s day cover page, and you have a next-to-free gift that she’s sure to love.

Whatever you get or make grandma, as long as you have your children involved in some way,  you’re sure to have a gift that she’ll love. Regardless of how much money you spent on it.

Mother’s Day Fun…On a Budget

Mother’s Day is not about expensive gifts, but thoughtful, meaningful sentiments. For many families quality time without having to cook breakfast or do laundry is enough. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, check out these inexpensive, quirky ideas: Workshop image

1. A Home Depot Workshop! This Saturday, May 2, the kids’ workshop is creating creating frames out of wood! Your child gets to work on it himself and will be so proud of his or her work and mom will appreciate it. And best of all, it’s free!

2.  Create a love jar. You can do this as her husband, or as a family. Your kids can decorate a mason jar with stickers or Sharpie markers and fill it with loves notes. I love you because….and fill the jar with all of the reasons we love mom. She might keep this on her desk at work for years to come.

3. A day off. While quality time is always a good things, maybe schedule an outing on Saturday and give mom Sunday to be by herself. Take the kids to grandma’s and give her a couple of hours of quiet.

Wine Enthusiast ($14.99)

4. A Picnic lunch. Mom’s appreciate attention to detail. Find a great spot, bring a blanket and picnic basket. An inexpensive wine stand might be the special touch she’s looking for. It reminds her that it’s Mom’s day to RELAX!

5. Memories.  Remind mom to take a moment, slow down and remember the good stuff. This memory journal from Amazon is inexpensive, but pays off big. Find it at Amazon. 

6. A Bath Basket. Mom’s like baths. It’s a fact. Spend some time creating a basket of bath accessories that promote relaxation. Bath beads, salts, scented bubble bath, a bath pillow, and a water proof speaker are great ideas. Just don’t forget to give her the time to actually take a bath!

7. Visit A Winery–this is one step up from #4! Most wineries have plenty of open space where the kids can play. You might bring a Frisbee or some other easy-to-transport outdoor toys for the kids while you sip wine (responsibly of course!). Invite the rest of the family on the outing instead of doing an expensive brunch. A few bottles of wine might run you $50 and you can bring the rest!

Whatever you choose, remember that Mother’s Day is about love, appreciate and thoughtfulness. Good luck!

Gifts for Mom That Aren’t Flowers

Gifts for Mother's Day That Aren't Flowers

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but a lot of us still have some major shopping to do.  Your mind may immediately go to roses, as flowers are a traditional gift you can’t go wrong with. But if you’re looking for some outside-the-box inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are three gifts ideas for the modern mom.  That aren’t flowers.

The Fashionable Mom

April is a great time to buy clothes, as Spring styles are being replaced by summer ones.  You still have a few days left to get in on the discounts at places like Sheinside.  There are cute hoodies to cover up those spit-up on blouses on her way out the door, stylish jeans to replace those irrevocably covered with grass stains after playing with the kids outside, and gorgeous dresses for nights out when she wants to remember that while she’s a mom, she’s still a woman, too.

The Tech Mom

Another great thing to buy before the month wraps up is electronics.  Businesses like Dealsmachine are running some of the best sales of the year on older model products as 2015’s latest and greatest were rolled out just a few months ago.  We like this option for working or stay-at-home moms, as all of us increasingly use technology.

Maybe she needs a new webcam for work conferences, or she’s been hinting that her tablet/PC is going to need to be replaced soon.  Maybe she has an engineering spirit, and would get a kick (not to mention some serious functionality) out of a 3D printer.  You can use them to make nearly anything you can think up, and while a scientifically-oriented mind is an asset while using one, there’s no degree required.  The most important characteristic you need when creating is an imagination.

Or maybe, just maybe, she would appreciate a family tablet with some educational apps pre-downloaded to keep the kids occupied long enough for her to check her email in peace.

The Mom Who’s Sick of Picking Cheerios Up Off the Floor

When you have small kids, the messes seem to spawn out of nowhere.  Just ask the parent of any young child.  You turn around to find all the toys you have just meticulously put away in sorted bins strewn, yet again, all over the room.  Despite all of your best precautions, new outfits will get stained the first time they’re worn.  And the cheerios.  Oh, the cheerios!  It’s a never ending battle just to keep them off the floor!

Which is why one of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas this year is a Roomba.  Or any robot that’s going to automate cleaning for her.  Cleaning isn’t 100% her responsibility.  Which is why we’re going to recommend everyone getting a head start for Father’s Day to keep this on the list for Dad, too.  Anything that reduces a parent’s never-ending chore list is a sure win when it comes to gifting, as it frees up their time to play, work, and love the way they do best.


The 90s are Back

We hate to break it to you, but…the 90s are back, especially this summer. We know,  we know. You were glad to see 90s fashion go; we were too. But, alas, like all of the decades that came before it, the 90s have crept back onto the runways. Here’s a quick peak and what items you can dust off. We don’t suggest you “invest” in many of these items, as we may soon remember why the 90s weren’t our best years.

Full Coverage Chunky Sandals

$150 by Madewell

Ok, so might be LESS chunky than we once knew them, but the covered sandal adds weight to your feet. Thin calves and ankles make these work. If you’re very athletic and plus sized, these shoes can give more weight to your bottom half. Worn with a cropped skinny pant, the contrast between the skinny and the chunky can balance each other. We don’t so much recommend with a full length skinny pant, though. Too much coverage.

Tortoise Sunglasses

Express, $30

It’s the blue lenses that take us back to 1997. Where bigger used to be better, smaller is in. Heart-shaped or triangular faces were a smaller frame better. These are inexpensive, from Express. Next year, you might be inclined to toss ‘em and return to your incognito shades.

Big Floral Patterns

Image 4 of True Decadence Botancial Floral Bralet

Asos, $115 for the whole look

Maybe florals never really go out of style, but this pattern felt pretty 1994. Oh, and cropped tops are back, too. Today, we’re seeing them with high waists, which makes a cropped top a bit more wearable. What updates this perfect-for-a-shower outfit is the swingy knee-length skirt and dainty shoes. We’re not so sure this will be a closet staple forever, but it does have “now” written all over it.

The Biker Jacket…with a dress

Leather biker jackets with florals and boots (Doc Martens, if you dare)?! This fun 90s trend is definitely back. The 90s was a time of gender and sexual exploration and maybe this trend is a nod to how far we’ve come. Tough and feminine don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The sharp contrast makes the look dynamic and interesting.

The Denim Jacket

Gap, $70

We admit it, maybe denim jackets don’t every REALLY go out of style. In fact, I have one from the Gap from ten years ago that is still a wardrobe staple. The 90s saw denim jackets with pinks and florals, flannel and docs, and if you’re talking late 90s…more denim. Today, it’s your go-with everything, don’t-be-shy, take-me-to work/dinner/shopping-jacket. This one from the Gap is $70, and know that it’s well spent. This will be a closet staple for years to come.