Can’t Miss Black Friday Tech Deals

Before you set out on Friday, know what you’re looking for, and be sure to read last week’s guide to Black Friday shopping. We’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest and most sought after deals at your favorite stores, so you’re armed and ready to go:

Best Buy

New Release DVDs  Brand new movies and popular DVDs are $9.99 each

Panasonic 50″ LED HDTV  is $199

Dell Touch Screen Laptop  is $299

HP Intel Celeron 15.6-inch Touch Laptop



HP Intel Touch Screen Laptop for $249.0

RCA Google Play Wi-Fi Tablet for $29.00

XBox One Halo + $30 Gift Card  for $329.00

50″ LED HDTV for $218.00



Element 40″ LED TV for $119.00

Beats by Dre Solo for $97.00

Apple IPad Air

XBox One 500GB Console Bundle with $50 gift card for $329 .99

Apple iPad Air 2  (16GB) with $140 gift card for $499.00

Westinghouse 48″ LED HDTV for $235.00

Playstation 4 500 GB Console Bundle for $399.00

GoPro HERO3+ w/ $50 Gift Card for $249.99


Chic and Cheap Holiday Decorating Tricks

The following are modified from a Reader’s Digest Article

1. DIY Advent Calendar Christmas Advent Calendar

Update your advent calendar! Use a metallic spray paint to cover an old frame, or find a n inexpensive bulletin board. Create tags using a an online template, or any creative way you wish and pin them on the board. Use your local craft store to find decorative pins. Then hang an ornament with ribbon, which you can remove and put on the tree at the end of each day.


2. DIY Bow Wreath

At your local craft store, pick up a styrofoam wreath and a bag of bows. If you don’t mind spending a little more, hand pick your  more glamorous bows to create your customized, eclectic look. Then, just glue to your styrofoam wreath! Christmas Bow Wreath

3. Pretty Pinecones

Dip pinecones (bought or gathered) in gold paint, OR spray paint. For a contemporary look, don’t dip all the way (to create an ombre look). You can then sprinkle with glitter to make them sparkle. Place the pinecones about your house or in your tree.

4. Candy Cane Vase

Glue your candy canes to a coffee can or something similar. Tie and glue a ribbon around it. Go traditional with red and white, or playful with colored candy canes.

Christmas Candy Cane Vase

5.Chair Bows

A ridiculously easy way to glam up your your dining room is to tie ribbons around the chairs. They don’t have to be expensive fabric
bows, but you can use burlap, or gift wrapping ribbon, as well. Hang an ornament from the bow for an even more festive look


Black Friday–When You Should Sleep In.

For some, Black Friday is just fun. It’s all about the American experience of waking up before dawn to stand in line in the frigid cold to save a few bucks on this year’s hottest piece of technology, or most popular toy. For some families, this is a tradition. But if your goal is to save money, how much are you really saving? Is Black Friday madness worth it? Let’s go over a few commonly overlooked truths about Black Friday.

1. Black Friday sales are not always the best sales of the year. Yes, you’ve been lied to. For example, if you’re shopping for winter apparel and can a few weeks until January, you’re likely to find the item 50% off. And it’s just a few weeks. Further, the store is going to get you in the door by advertising “crazy” prices. But, the truth is, the crazy prices might be on items you’re not planning to buy. Many items will still be regular priced items, among all the giant yellow signs. Know what you’re looking for before you set out.

2.  Black Friday deals will often start before Black Friday. Over the last few years, more stores have initiated sales on Thanksgiving Day.
If enough people are out shopping, inventory will be low on Friday, if not sold out. This year, there are only three shopping weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas (one less than usual). Retailers are not going to take any chances and might release their best deals at least a week before the big day.

3. You may not be able to return your purchase. Or, at least, not in the time you expected. Return policies are revised and tightened during the holiday season. PAY ATTENTION to the return policy before checking out. Many stores will only offer credit on returns. And as of recently, some stores are keeping track of perpetual returning shoppers and reserve the right to ban them! And, if you have no receipt (or gift receipt for your recipients), they are likely to only get credit on significantly reduced prices.

4. Doorbuster deals are typically low in stock. That’s why they’re called “doorbusters.” Most retailers only stock limited quantities of the deal. The buzz created by the “doorbuster” sales are simply meant to get you in the door. But then, if they stocked enough, it would take the competitive edge out of the fun.

Join PromoPro’s Share-to-Win Contests to Earn Yourself More Joy During the 2014 Holiday Season

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – (, the rising star in the coupon industry, recently launched a series of interesting user contests, a campaign intended to give shoppers some fun savings.  According to PromoPro’s report, over 10,000 loyal users participated in the contests and 11 lucky winners have already been picked.

According to Promo Pro’s latest 2014 Holiday Shopper Research Report released 2 weeks ago; the average person is expected to spend around $800 this holiday season, which is up nearly 5% from 2013. As everybody is gearing up for this holiday shopping, PromoPro has been helping users get into the holiday spirit with various exciting contests and giveaways.

In addition, has teamed up with the Do It For The Love Foundation this holiday season, a charity dedicated to giving severely ill candidates a chance to fulfill their dream of seeing their music idol live. As of September 23, 2014, every new member that joins the PromoPro Community allows PromoPro to donate 10 cents to the Do It For Love Foundation. With the holiday season just around the corner, PromoPro is proud to have already been able to donate $200 to date.

Coupon finding has never been easier, with the launch of PromoPro’s new coupon alert. The company has over 5,000 avid coupon savers since launch already. In conjunction, users were given the opportunity to join the PromoPro $200-Gift-Card Giveaway. The giveaway ended on November 9, 2014 and 10 very lucky winners were announced on PromoPro’s Facebook page.

PromoPro’s Share-to-Win contest ($50 Amazon Gift Card) ended on November 7, with over 1,000 active users participating. The fans posted photos of their most life-like Halloween costumes and the most popular photo won.

Sharing is love and sharing is winning! The upcoming PromoPro’s Thanksgiving Share-to-Win contest is for a range of holiday gift cards up to $100 for grabs. To enter, simply sign up as a new member in PromoPro Community, share a thought about money-saving techniques and tips, and get more likes to win. The contest ends on November 26, 2014.

PromoPro is also helping spread holiday cheer for animals as well this holiday season. In support of the humane treatment of animals and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), PromoPro has cut profitable connections with Sea World and has removed all Sea World Coupons.

Besides the contests and giveaways, consumers can be better prepared for the coming Holiday shopping season with PromoPro’s shopping helpers:

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This 2014 holiday shopping season doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet, just go to to find some amazing coupons and possibly win a holiday gift card to brighten up this holiday with savings. Shop, save and share!

About PromoPro:

PromoPro is a website devoted to helping shoppers save time and money by using online coupon codes and discounts. The site compiles online coupons, deals, and special offers from thousands of merchants. PromoPro, the professional saving expert, is free to use and new discounts are becoming available every day. Mobile users can browse coupons whenever and wherever with PromoPro’s coupon app “AnyCodes“. For more information on AnyCodes and to view thousands of online coupon codes and discounts, please see:

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Toys You Need to Get NOW

1. Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart


Last year it was the standing Checkup Center that you couldn’t find anywhere and were going for $200 on Amazon.  This year, it’s the mobile version is where it’s at. As a side note, last year’s Checkup Center is now available in the boy version, blue. Doc is a great role model for your kids–she takes care of her toys, just like her mom, a real doctor.


2. Little Live Pets Bird Cage 


Parents, you’re really going to hope that this one is short-lived. The Little Live Pets Bird Cage. Best for ages 5 and up, your child can play with the

bird and elicit responses like chirping, tweeting and singing. Your child can also record ten seconds of her own voice and the bird will play back (like a parrot–get it?!). And when the bird is really happy, he will play a special song for your child. Choose from different birds with different cutesy names, like “Friendly Frankie,” or “Angelic Angela.”




3. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll 

Well, if we’re being honest, everything Frozen-related makes a hot toy this year. But, while you’re child probably already has a collection of Frozen toys, this one is brand new for the holiday season. This (child-like) version of Elsa sings our favorite song, that we’re are not remotely sick of, “Let it Go.” She also says key phrases from the movie (we know it by heart, anyway) when her “magic” pendant is touched. This DOES come with Olaf (who will be immediately cast aside and forgotten).


4. Guardians of the Galaxy Lego set (ages 6-12) 


There’s a few different versions of this ranging from about 35.99 to 69.99. Some are much more involved and complicated than others, so  be sure to read the age ranges on the box…and to also consider that you might spend hours of your Saturday helping your kid put this together.




5. The Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity Design Kit


Designing and creating are all the rage for girls right now–and this is never a bad thing. Jewelry makers, beads, and bracelet makers are huge this season. Play-doh gets in on the action by creating a vanity that you can decorate and store jewelry in. Decorate with this specialPlay-Doh and it dries to lock in your design. The Doh Vinci line has other cool options for designing and creating jewelry.


Fall Trends You Can Afford

TREND #1 Fringe

Fringe comes and goes. Be warned: this is a trend. It always has been. Unless you can afford it, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot. If you’re a little leary about stepping out in fringe, try it in black, versus brown. Brown tends to give the look a hippie feel, whereas black feels more sophisticated.

Tip: Pare it down. Don’t do fringe with a lot of color or in combination with other trends, like animal prints.

Fall Runway Trends Under $100
(Courtesy of InStyle) From left: Miss Selfridge, $44,; ModCloth, $50,; H&M, $50,; Topshop, $96,


TREND 2: Boxy Coats

Oversized boxy coats are coming in every size, color and pattern. Some are dramatic with wide collars and tie waists, while others have a single button closure and slim collar. Others are short and cropped, like a modified cape.  These are being seen on the runways in every color and pattern imaginable. The red and yellows seen on the runway might be a little much for all of the fabric that some of these coats come with. Below are three different looks–a pop of color (yes, pastels are ok for winter), that’s cropped and cute, a sophisticated trench, and fun pattern with a masculine cut (everything masculine is in. See her shoes?) What we like about this trend is that this is still considered a classic coat that can stand the the test of time. The retro look will serve you well for years to come. You won’t be sorry to have spend a bit extra on these

TIP: If you’re on the small side, go with the cropped version as not to overwhelm yourself with fabric.

(From left: DKNY $155, Top Shop $170, Dahlia $190)
(From left: DKNY $155, Top Shop $170, Dahlia $190)


TREND 3: The Cropped Top

This is not a trend for everyone–we know that. It’s a look that became popular last Spring and has transitioned to fall with heavier fabrics, long sleeves, and turtlenecks. The extra fabric is key for balance. This looks great with a wide-leg trouser, or high-waisted pant, again to strike that balance. Nothing too tight or short on the bottom. If you’re a bit modest, or like the look for work, one great way to do this is to layer the cropped sweater with an collared button down.

TIP: Layer it in with a silk or soft fabric, to create a flowy look in contrast to the fitted sweater.

cropped sweater-topshop ribbed crop sweater
From Left; Top Shop $50, CUSP $50, River Island $24

cropped turtleneck-cusp by neiman marcus cableknit mock turtleneck crop sweater winter whitecropped turtleneck-river island womens black stripe turtle neck crop top





Amazon and Walmart Get Ahead of Black Friday to Edge Out Competition

SaleRemember when Black Friday was the start of the holiday shopping frenzy? Remember when you were able to enjoy fall without the barrage of Christmas ads in October? Those days are long gone. Since the unofficial end of the recession, retailers seem to be making up for lost time. Retailers also suffered last year because of bad weather—but it doesn’t usually snow in November, does it?

This year, you may have noticed that the space a store dedicated to seasonal items was split down the middle—Halloween on side, Christmas on the other. The Toys R’ Us toy Christmas toy catalog came to my house on Halloween—complete with outer cover designed to look like wrapping paper. Instead of enjoying candy (not that I’m complaining), my kids spent Halloween weekend poring over the toy catalog, diligently marking their Christmas picks. It’s becoming hard to explain to a four year old that Christmas is a long way off in kid time.VfFsy8u_

Most notably, Walmart and Amazon (arguable two of the biggest retailers in the world) kicked off holiday sales on Saturday, November 1. Black Friday deals are being promoted now, trying get ahead of the competition. Amazon typically has holiday deals at the beginning of November, but will be features on more products and hosting more frequent deals, according to USA Today. Look out for TWO daily deals on Amazon from November 1, right up until December 22.

downloadAmazon says that they will also increase the number of “lightening deals” from November 1 until the actual Black Friday weekend. These deals go on sale for a limited amount of time each day. Deals will go up every ten minutes with each day closer to Black Friday, says the Amazon spokesperson. Deals will most often be for cookware, electronics, and toys.

Other deals to watch for in the meantime:

  • Walmart will launch 20,000 more rollbacks beginning November 1 (more than last year). This is twice what they offer during the rest of the year. Walmart is also online price matching (watch out, Amazon). Check with your local store, though; this is only a test this year
  • Office Depot and Office Max have begun holiday deals laptops and touch screen computers through the 15th. The stores will also offer the usual “Cyber Monday” deals every Monday in November!
  • Sears will offer Black Friday deals two weeks early during the “friends and family” sale on Nov 9 (5-15% off). Some items will be available at an additional (yet unknown) “Black Friday” discount, on top of friends and family event.

Walmart Toy Book Ad Scan: Walmart Black Friday Ads and Sales on Top Toys

The Walmart Top Toys Wish List Book is leaked.  The toy book  is filled with 32 pages of the top toys guaranteed to be on someones wish list. Walmart Toy deals go alive on November 9, 2014, and end on December 25, 2014.  So you can plan ahead and make your own toy shopping list.  Give your sweets the hottest toys this holiday season!

Here are some top toy deals picked for you:

  1. Disney Frozen Plush Doll, was $32.88. now $28.88 ;
  2. Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Agent Bow: $19.96;
  3. My Little Pony Figure , only $4.97;
  4. XBox On, now $349.00;
  5. Select games and character bedding from $7.87;
  6. Afterglow Wired Headset (Playstation 4 or Xbox One): $89.96;
  7. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch: $49.96.

View Part of  the Walmart 2014 Top Toys ad scan:

Walmart Toy Book Black Friday ad Scan 2014 page 1Walmart Toy Book Black Friday ad Scan 2014 page 2Walmart Toy Book Black Friday ad Scan 2014 page 3Walmart Toy Book Black Friday ad Scan 2014 page 29

Sneakers are the New Pumps!


Listen up! This is possibly the greatest fashion news this decade. Sneakers are back. With everything. Skirts, slacks, cropped pants, dresses.

Pretty much everything in your closet. Women everywhere are now breathing a collective sigh of relief.

stan mith
Stan Smith Adidas $65

It all started last year with the wedge sneaker. I have good news and bad news. The good news, as you know, is that the sneaker trend stuck, but the bad news is that the wedge trend didn’t. Top fashion bloggers and designers agree that the wedge was short lived. Don’t chuck them yet; most suburbs are a year behind the trend, anyway. Plus, we still like wedges with a skinny jean. They elongate the leg and give theadope3001466887_q1_1-0_336x596 look an edge. But what’s really hot now are Stan Smith kicks. They’ve been around forever, but seemed to have found their way onto the feet of top stylists over these last few months.

The Stan Smith Adidas give your look a playful, youthful edge. If you do these with flowers and flounce, it might feel too young. Just be careful to choose sophisticated colors and patterns to balance it out.

The best part (aside from the comfort, that is), is that these are affordable, as low as $65, but if you want to splurge, there are designs as high as the Opening Ceremony designs pictured here, at $210. Check out these cool ways to wear the classic sneaker.

stan smith 4stan smith2stan smith 3










If you don’t love this look, check out a pair that’s right for you. Converse one stars and other adidas options that are more feminine can work just as well.


These Last Minute Halloween Hacks Will Save You!

We get it. You’re busy. And shopping for a Halloween costume may not have been first on your list of things to do these last few weeks…but it’s creeping up on you. Halloween is just days away and you need something cute or kitschy for Friday night. We’ve got your covered. These top five last-minute Halloween ideas will save your budget and your holiday! And don’t forget to snap a photo before you’re out the door so you can enter PromoPro’s Halloween Photo Contest! Go to our Facebook Page and find the pinned post. Upload your photo in the comment section on the post and get be entered to WIN a $50 Amazon gift card! In the meantime, check out these genius costume ideas.

Easy Idea #1enhanced-buzz-19287-1381522694-19

Hot glue some giant cockroaches, spiders, worms or snakes onto a pair of nylons. A black dress and a witch’s hat and you’re good to go! Extra bugs? Stick them in a braid. Even better if you can find those plastic spider rings. Then, You can loop them into a ponytail and secure with clear plastic elastics.

Easy Idea #2

Dress in all white and draw a line down your middle and down your arms in black marker or electrical tape…and you’re a stick figure. Do the same to your face with white makeup and black eyeliner.

Easy Idea #3

Dress all in black and glue white dots to your outfit for a “domino effect.” Works best in a large group.

Easy Idea #4


Put on the high waisted jeans you probably already own tie up a button down shirt and roll up the sleeves, add a red bandana…and poof! Rosie the Riveter! And a few tweaks of this look–like a red lip–can turn you into Lucille Ball!

Easy Idea # 5 

Make your own skeleton costume! Super easy. Find Martha Stewarts directions here!