What Coupon Code Site to Use?


As if it wasn’t already difficult to shop for items while also shop for codes; choosing the right coupon code website is not easy business either. Although all websites seem to offer the same services at a glance, let us assure you it is not the case at all.

We couldn’t be more proud and excited to announce the launch of our website. AnyCodes had a great run but its time to please our customers more than ever.

How? Well for starters, with our brand.

After a stressful but exciting transition to provide our customers with the best overall experience, we finally have the best coupon site yet.

PromoPro.com is our innovative, user friendly and fun coupon website, which represents community building, customer experience and above all expertise on savings.

We want to be your Savings Coupon Expert. With this new user interface, we will be able to give you better deals whether at home or work. We want to be part of your everyday saving experiences and we want you to meet other savers like you.

When you engage and provide us your support, it makes our hard work well worth it. Now we will able to give you better savings and also thank you for your business. We want to reward you for being savvy, for saying no to retail prices, and for thinking of us when you do it.

Have you seen our community section? Our blogs are updated twice a week!

how to donate to a charity

Have you signed up as a member? The more coupons you share, the more feedback you give us, the more points you will get and the more rewards you will have to turn into cash, literally!

So come join us and become part of our community if you haven’t done so. We hope you are ready to take on this adventure with us and we can’t

wait to show you all the savings we have in store for you.

How To Donate To A Charity That Cares

After The Ice Bucket challenge went viral, it was only a matter of time before this phenomenon created some reverberation. As of August 8, 2014, the PromoPro community and Do IT For The Love Foundation shook hands in their collaboration to celebrate people’s lives by granting wishes.

do it for the love foundation

As the contagious videos captivated support from individuals, they also brought attention to savings guru PromoPro.com.

We are proud to announce the launch of our cause to donate to The Do It For The Love Foundation for every new member who signs up on our website under their community section starting on September 23, 2014.

Will you join us?

Our initiative is to support the Do It For The Love Foundation happened through the Ice Bucket Challenge and a documentary by Hope and Steve.

After a careful selection process in choosing a pivotal organization whose members strive to assist critically ill patients, we came to the realization that the healing powers of music are in fact a reality because music functions as a vital source of strength and motivation. That is to say, Do It For The Love Foundation provides the gift of live music to ignite their emotions, inspire them, and heal them through music’s strength to heal.

Do It For The Love

As PromoPro.com users we are hopeful, excited, and extremely eager to increase awareness about the power of music to people with incurable diseases such as ALS (Leigh Gehrig’s Disease), Brain Injury, and metabolic Disorder.

Join us NOW and we will automatically donate to Do It For The Love. Follow Do It For The Love on Facebook!

Everything You Need in Fashion for The Fall

Furs, furs, and furs we say (we support fur imitation)! This fall is full or print, bold colors and a lot of arrr, FUR!

We have glanced at the Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazines, we have hit the streets of New York and we have come up with the top 10 “must haves” for this fall season.

Ready to see the latest’s trends?

#10 Our editor couldn’t be more excited about this slick and contemporary Indiana Jones hat. Hats and thick wool sweaters are essential this fall. If you want to add an extra touch, match it with a colorful print scarf to show contrast between articles.

We were not lying when we said FUR. This fall promises to keep you looking fresh and chic with pastel or bold fur colors to say warm. Colors in between seem to be no no’s this fall according to the runway.



#9 Hit the park or a bar with this hip and classy unassembled. It’s a must to get a open arm wool poncho and red wine leather pants this fall. Have you checked this on your list?


#8 The highlight of this fabulous fall style is the booties. This fall is all about booties whether out for a casual setting or in at a fancy restaurant. Do you have these yet? The nest item will explain why this outfit so the perfect example of what’s trending this fall.


#7 The next item on our list is print. Bold, big and bright. These prints were some of the hits for this fall with acute reds and oranges. Did we forget to mention the turtlenecks? We guess history does repeat itself became they are back!

fall fashion

#6 It’s a combination of fur and coats. Can’t go wrong with a short jacket, a long coat, or a fur cover. Any of these will keep you warm and in style.


# 5 May we say more. GET GREEN.

go green

# 4 Like we said before, bold oranges as a long skirt or a tote, is the best way to match up your outfits to busy nights out.

blod orange

Before we move on, here are the deals for Kate Spade on Promopro.com this fall.

kate spade promo codes

#3 Make sure you don’t forget to shop for furs. Did we say furs? What we meant is…FURS.


NOTE: Promopro supports animal rights and does not represent any merchandize with real fur. Please be advised that all our recommendations are based on fur imitation.


H&M has the best sales for furs. Here are some H&M savings you can use when you are ready to shop and save.


#2 Not only GREEN is in fashion this fall but also green on everything: jewelry, dresses and coats. Use our PromoPro.com JollyChic coupon codes to save on some green accessories.

green accessories

#1 BOOTIES. This fall is all about comfort with style. Here are some great savings from our promopro Nordstrom specials.


nordstrom promo codes

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our Promopro special savings and prepare your closet for this FALL.

2014’s Great and Easy Make-up Styles for Halloween

Need even more and better ideas for Halloween?! Well, PromoPro has some good ones for you with these creative and eerie, yet sexy face painting looks!


We have gathered a list of the best make-up styles to give you some inspiration, similar to what you see in the popular T.V. series Face Off.

Dare to be different, so consider adding a touch of the feisty tigress to a snow white look, Rarrr!

To save money, check-out our COUPONS here:

AC Lens coupons


For a night out of trick-or-treating with a kitty cat costume, all you need is a strong eye liner. Take a look at this captivating, original style. Who wouldn’t want to pet that? Can you say meow, baby!


Ready to play a game? This Halloween make-up look is creepy, but oh-so fabulous at the same time. You will need white past, black eye liner, and a red pencil. Click on the picture to get the details.

Want to save money on make-up? Click on our link to save on Halloween products at kmart.com; we also offer free shipping.kamrt-coupons



What about this retro art make-up? If you are on a low budget, but still want to dress-up and have fun, just pick a cute outfit and get inspired to draw real art on your body and you’ll have the most unique style and receive the best compliments!


Have more ideas? Send us your pictures, tutorials, or looks and we will include them on our next blog!

2014’s Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

No idea what to get your little one?

PromoPro has the countdown of 2014’s Cutest Halloween Costumes and Coupon Codes.

#7 We start off with this baby octopus made of stockings and a hat. If you are on a low budget but still want your toddler to enjoy this wonderful celebration, then choose your favorite stockings and use our coupon code to dress up!

baby octopus

#6 We couldn’t omit this classic: Breakfast at Tiffany’s! With this easy and adorable black dress to throw on for a night full of trick-or-treating and fun, your little Audrey will have an absolute ball!!

black dress

#5 Not only did we find Audrey, We also found this grumpy old man with a walker. In memory of all the sweet grandpas out there, this costume represents smashing good fun and quality time! Make Poppy proud!

grumpy old man with a walker

#4 What about Monster’s Inc? Here is this absolutely heart melting costume of Boo, the sweet little girl who befriended Sulley in Monsters, Inc., and you know your child would LOVE to be her for Halloween! Wonder where to get it? Visit Pinterest for all the materials you need.


Here is a link to get the best deals and savings at Toy’s R Us for all the essentials!

toys r us coupons

#3 And how can we forget about this sweet little guy? You can’t go wrong with one of your own.

sweet little guy

#2 In honor of all the great Hollywood movies this year, we have the cutest popcorn little man. This one is not full of butter, but full of adorableness! How cute is he?!

popcorn little man

OUR # 1 We finish off with a classic! It will be difficult to deny the fact that this well-known artist has some incomparable features So what better way to celebrate this holiday season than with an adorable Frida Kahlo ensemble? Think of all the great memories you’re going to create for your loved ones!

Frida Kahlo

We hope you can take our ideas and make it your own. Happy Halloween from PromoPro.com!

What are the Sexiest Costume trends for 2014?

Just when you thought the fun was over now that summer is coming to an end, here comes one of our PromoPro’s most favorite times of the year, HALLOWEEN!

As this fun day arrives to fill us up with candy and original costumes, we decided to update you on 2014’s costume trends of what’s HOT and original!
We searched the web to find the neatest and sexiest Halloween-costumes: Some are more conservative than others but we’ll let you decide.
Do you have any costume ideas you would like to share with us?
Send us a video of your tutorial and we’ll host it on our PromoPro coupons and deals website!


1. Here’s an inspiration from Captain America              2. Another attractive and different Spider-Man inspiration.


3. We found this adorable and sexy Snow White costume with a low cut neck and open-back feature. A cute touch on the back with a over sized red bow makes it fun but attractive.  4. Here are two sexy and appealing Minnie Mice.
snow white

5. We also found the cutest Super Maria               6. Here is an extremely exposed Sexy

costume with a little lace and bright colors         Pirate. We advise to use a black top under for

to accentuate the waist line.                               more imagination.



7. Cat woman                                                             8. The Sexy Leopard

cat-menSexy Leopard

9. The mysterious snake                      10. Last but not least, the trendsetters.

Snake-Kin-Print-Lame-Catsuit-Slivery-Greythe trendsetters

To leave you with the icing on the cake, here are our favorite make up tutorials to compliment your snake costume, also, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR OUR NEXT BLOG “CUTEST CHILDREN CUSTOME IDEAS”. Enjoy and happy Halloween savings!

* Half Human, Half- reptile

half men

* Meduza/ Reptile


* Sexy/evil snake

evil snake


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Chegg.com: Student’s Own Hub to Save Money on Textbooks

It is a fact that many students can’t afford to buy new textbooks on their college bookstores for a specific semester only. But now, Chegg enables students to connect to the reading material and tools that they need to survive their semester in college. What they need is to rent or buy cheap college books so they could get the chance to have educational materials at a lower price. College bookstores are known to sell expensive textbooks thus students are now looking for more option to get textbooks without spending too much.

Chegg is an online site that specializes in book rentals; both in digital and physical format. This is meant to help students especially in college to get textbooks for their studies. The site founded and inspired by three Iowa State University students in 2001. And they provide Chegg coupon on their book rental so that everyone is able to read the books they’re interested in. Let’s go straight to Chegg and acquire more detailed information about their services.


  • Rent or buy cheap textbooks online and save up to 80%.
  • Use Chegg coupon code: Freshman103 to receive 10% off on rentals of $75 or more.
  • Students can order or rent textbooks by entering the ISBN, title or author on Chegg’s online site for a quarter or semester.
  • Textbooks are mailed on orange boxes. At the end of the term, students will receive through email a pre-paid postage barcode which will be printed to affix on any box for free shipping to Chegg.
  • Chegg also permits highlighting their textbooks but doesn’t permit writing on it.
  • Chegg has a 21 day money back guarantee for any reason like you have dropped out of that subject or will not continue studying.
  • The website also offers coupons and deals to help more students take chance to have textbooks at school.
  • Their website also features Homework Help section that you can post your homework question on a live community and get answers from other people. Plus you can also find solutions manual on their site.
  • They also have Homework Help membership that lets you access their 24×7 Online Study help on your hardest classes.
  • You can sell back textbooks or any used books to Chegg and make some money. Find out the worth of your books by getting a quote (which you can also find on their site). Once you agreed on the pricing, you can then ship your books via UPS for free – Chegg will shoulder the shipment. You get paid once Chegg received your books.


Another problem faced by many of college students about textbooks is that they are very expensive and yet they won’t need it after the semester is over. And sometimes, there is no good way to sell back textbooks. People will definitely look for other options that are lesser and will save them money as possible.

Save hundreds of dollars on your textbooks through Chegg online services with Chegg coupons. You don’t have to buy new textbooks on bookstores and other stores that are so expensive when you can rent it via Chegg. This site helps students survive their homework’s and needs for textbooks. There are also popular eTextbooks that you can find in Chegg for all connected devices if you prefer to read it online.

Hotel Club Promo Code: Enjoy Upscale Hotel Service at a Low Price

Do you feel depressed about your heavy work day by day –  drag your heavy body back to home and have to join the conversation. When you are sitting in the bathtub, an ideal arises spontaneously: Screw my work! What the hell, I need a vacation. Although you might be lucky enough to get the permission from your tough boss, you’re discouraged from huge cost for your trip. Because finding an ease and luxury hotel in the best deal seems to be a big problem. Here comes your gospel! Get hotel club promo code, and you can book your wonderful accommodation at a reasonable price:

  • An extra 10% off holiday stays with a HotelClub coupon code;
  • up to 35% off  US hotel bookings;
  • up to 50% off hotels in Northeast Asia;
  • Gold Coast Sale: up to 40% off hotels + an extra 12% OFF with a promo code.

Delicious and local specialized foods, wide and comfortable room with first-class equipment, convenient traffic environment, and good view point to watch whenever and wherever are for your perfect trip. The great Hotel Club promo code may end any time, so use it as soon as possible.

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